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We can help develop a road-map for your immigration goals through Planning, Strategy and Results.


We will assist you in developing a road-map to pursue your goal for immigration. As a candidate, clarity about your current immigration status and confidence about your skills & qualifications will help develop a plan for your future in Canada.

To help achieve anticipated results, we will strategize and develop key assessment worksheet and flow charts to extract a reasonable path forward within the Canadian immigration requirements.

After the application and required documents and data has been submitted, we will follow the IRCC review and processing time. It would be our pleasure to one day see you as a successful member of the Canadian society.

Client Management Overview


For new clients, the 1-hour confidential meeting will take place to discuss your current immigration status and your goals. Based on the understanding of your expectations, we can help to develop a reasonable path forward.

Services Review

Review the formal documents required and discuss services for your application. Also, a  Retainer Agreement (Contract) will be presented which will include roles & responsibilities, fees, and other requirements.


Your consultant will start to prepare your application based on your electronic data and paper documents for submission to IRCC. Your consultant will maintain sole contact between IRCC and yourself.


At this point, your consultant will continue to provide overview of your application until IRCC has reached the final decision on the application.

Our Visual Guides

Infographics provided for discussion purposes only.

Visit Canada

Study in Canada

Work in Canada

Live in Canada

Main Applications & Basic Planning Information

Visitor Visa -

tourist / study / business   

  • valid passport for at least 6 months;

  • available funds; and

  • purpose of visit.

Parents / Grandparents Supervisa

  • valid passport for at least 6 months;

  • children or grandchildren as PR / citizens of Canada; and

  • health insurance for 12 months.

Study Permits

New & Extensions

  • acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI);

  • study plan;

  • required valid travel documents; and

  • available funds.

Work Permits

New & Extensions

  • spouse work permit - studying full-time at approved DLI / spouse working full-time.

  • PGWP - graduation from approved Designated Learning Institute (DLI).

  • Canadian employer - job offer; required employment skills; experience & educational credentials; and high level of English/French.

Express Entry / Permanent Resident

  • qualified for FSW / CEC / PNP;

  • appropriate age;

  • settlement funds;

  • education & work experience; and

  • high level of English/French.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

  • unique skilled work experience;

  • job offer from a Canadian employer - NOC (0, A, B).

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

  • eligible to work in Canada;

  • accept permanent job offer from a Canadian employer - NOC (0, A, B);

  • possess required skills for the position;

  • experience & educational credentials;

  • financially stable; and

  • high level of English/French.

Family Sponsorship

  • spouse / common-law / children as Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident may apply for their family members.

​​Canadian Citizenship

  • as a Permanent Resident you may apply after residing minimum 1095 days (cumulative) in Canada during the 5 years just before signing the application.

Business Immigration

  • available funds;

  • relevant work experience or business operations experience; and a business plan.

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